Welcome to Healing Elements

Welcome to Healing Elements


As the name suggests my focus is on healing people using the natural elements within our own bodies. I strongly believe that all healing comes from within us and isn’t limited to our physical forms but rather incorporates our mind, body, heart and soul.


There are many factors that create disease in our lives – physical injury, infections, emotional pain (both remembered and forgotten) and the general condition of our lives. There exists hundreds, if not thousands, of natural healing methods and modalities to treat various ailments.


Many of the mainstream solutions come with their own side-effects but when we look towards more natural ways of living & healing we find these side effects are drastically reduced. Within these natural modalities there are those that go back to the beginning of human existence.

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Two of these methods are Energy Healing and Hypnosis. Both of these are a part of every human at a cellular level, we just need to know how to access it.

A large part of healing is recognising that we require outside help to begin the journey to wellness. Although we have the power within to heal, we all require a guide in accessing this potential and making the best use of it.

“Thoroughly appreciate the time. Looking forward to more Healing elements” – Mossina Davids

Meet Your Healer – Hafsa Parker

I’ve had a long and interesting journey finding where I needed to be in life and what I needed to be doing. As a teenager in school my late Dad always wanted me to have a career in nursing, but as a teenager that knew everything (like many teens do), I refused that path.

I went on to study various things in a variety of different fields and having had an opportunity to work in those and other fields in the corporate and small business environment. Each of these held their own charm and level of excitement for me and granted me the chance to learn so much.  However, throughout this there remained something missing. With a huge sigh of relief, I can finally say I have arrived at the starting line of the rest of my life.

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I have discovered what my father had seen all those long years ago, that deep down inside I am a healer and that helping others heal is a very humbling and rewarding experience.  It made me realise firstly that my problems are not the largest in the world and secondly, nobody should be too proud to ask for help.

As a healer I am constantly reminding myself that it has taken a lot of courage in the person in front of me to say “I need help”. It is an honour for me that they chose me to be the person to help them.

As both a client-centred hypnotherapist and an energy healing practitioner I am just a guide in the process because healing can only come from the person themselves. Furthermore, I belong to the hypnosis Institute which means there’s a required code of conduct as well as a formal training process behind the certificate. 

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