According to the National Institute of Health, people have used cannabis or marijuana to treat certain illnesses and ailments for around 3,000 years. Now, as medical marijuana becomes more common throughout the world, researchers are doing more studies to find out exactly how beneficial it is for certain health conditions.

If you’ve ever considered taking medical cannabis, you can use the following list of benefits most commonly discussed in scientific research to see if it is right for you.

Health benefits of taking medical marijuana

  • It may decrease muscle spasms 

Marijuana can help to relieve the spasticity of muscles associated with multiple sclerosis and paralysis.

  • It may reduce chronic pain

Chronic pain is a leading cause of disability. A review by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine found that marijuana or products containing cannabinoids are effective at relieving pain.

  • It may improve sleep management

The relaxing effects of marijuana can assist in improving sleep disorders, such as insomnia. Some people may also get improved sleep when pain is reduced from marijuana usage.

  • It may help with addiction

A recent study revealed that using marijuana may help people with alcohol or other substance dependencies to fight addiction and relief the side effects it brings about.

  • It may alleviate anxiety

Taken in monitored dosage in the proper way, marijuana can help relieve anxiety and calm users.

  • It may slow down the development of Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease is caused by cognitive degeneration. Unfortunately, as we age cognitive degeneration is mostly unavoidable. Marijuana’s endocannabinoid contains anti-inflammatories that fight the inflammation of the brain that leads to Alzheimer’s disease.

  • It may reduce inflammation

Marijuana is thought to help reduce inflammation that can benefit inflammatory conditions, such as irritable bowel syndrome and rheumatoid arthritis.

  • It may help with tremors

For those suffering from Parkinson’s disease, cannabis can benefit by reducing tremors and pain. It has also been shown to improve motor skills in some patients.

Want to try medical cannabis?

While researchers are still looking into the health benefits of cannabis, there are already many products that people use for the relief of different ailments. If you’re interested in trying medical cannabis, feel free to get in touch with Healing Elements. We stock and sell a range of beneficial products aimed at boosting your general wellbeing. .