It’s a brand-new year, and with it comes the opportunity to set new goals and break bad habits you’ve been struggling with. But even though it’s the perfect time for a new start, many people struggle with breaking the cycle of old, harmful habits.

Before we explore how hypnotherapy can help with this, let’s look at exactly how habits form:

How are habits formed?

Habits are usually behaviour that satisfy us in some way or the other. They are things we do automatically and often happen without conscious thought. They are deeply rooted in and controlled by our subconscious mind. 

Because habits are so entrenched in our subconscious, it is important to bring it to the conscious mind to ensure you become aware of how it influences your life. 

How hypnotherapy can help with ending old habits 

Humans are creatures of habit. And some habits are good for us. For example, it’s a great habit to drink a glass of water every morning when you wake up. However, some habits can be harmful to our general health and wellbeing, such as smoking or overeating. Bad habits can also lead to:

  1. Poor self-image
  2. Loss of energy
  3. Poor physical health
  4. Loss of self-respect and self-esteem
  5. Weight gain or loss
  6. Depression and anxiety 

These habits are often hard to break. So, how can hypnotherapy help?

Hypnotherapy is a safe and natural form of therapy that influences the subconscious mind where bad habits develop. Through hypnotherapy, a client can become more aware of any destructive behaviour. As a result, the client can gain better control over these habits. Additionally, hypnotherapy can help to develop new habits that replace harmful behaviour with effective coping strategies.

When does hypnotherapy work?

Breaking bad habits through hypnotherapy can only work if: 

  • The client is open to hypnotherapy
  • The client wants to make changes
  • The client believes that positive changes are possible

If you want to break old habits this year and are interested in how hypnotherapy can help, get in touch with Healing Elements. We will discuss your needs and concerns, and work with you to find a suitable solution.