Healing Elements Testimonials

Healing Elements Testimonials

What Our Clients Have To Say

Since this was my first experience with hypnosis therapy my only real expectation was to feel relaxed and I definitely got more than I bargained for! Hafsa made me feel totally comfortable and safe with her explanation of what the session would entail. 👌 As a result we could easily get into it. The outcome for me personally was positively uplifting. So I would suggest you give it a go, allow Hafsa to help you remember your HAPPY PLACE which resides deep inside of you ☺🌈

– Ayesha Armadien

What an awesome first time experience I had. Your calm voice helped me go into the trance state so easily. And thank you for teaching me the tools to keep me calm and relaxed long after my session was completed. I am definitely looking forward to my next session with you. Thank you so much.

– Dilshad Essop

I’ve had my first experience in hypnotherapy. What a profound experience. So simple but the effects is overwhelming. Emotionally liberating. “Mind over matter “is not a cliché. I’m reminded what a complex amazing organ the brain is. Shuker Algamdulilah. Hafsa I genuflect at the altar of your beneficence 🌟💞

– Saadiyah Thomas

Awesome workshop. Thank you so much. You managed to put so many things into perspective. Forced one to take stock and relook at how we interact with others but more importantly oneself. Time well spent. And I can’t wait to put my pieces back together and beautify it ☺

– Workshop attendee

Thank you Hafsa for offering the imperfectly perfect workshop. The gentle manner in which you presented the content was a stand out for me. I appreciated all your efforts to create a relaxed learning atmosphere. Loved everything about it!!

– Workshop attendee

I went to Hafsa about a year ago when I badly needed some inner healing, I had been dealing with depression and a very bad self-image and eating disorder. Hafsa’s hypnotherapy helped me deal with my inner conflict and allowed me to speak and be heard by my own inner self who desperately just needed some guidance..

After a first session I could already feel the change in myself, I started to feel less anxious and with every session I became more and more the woman I am meant to be. Hypnotherapy has really helped me gain perspective and build myself up once again.

I am happier, stronger and more determined than I have ever been.

– Vicky Pretorius

Always been a sceptic but it was a good experience. Definitely helped me relax and was just what I needed. Can’t wait for my next session. Shukran Hafsa it helped me gain some much needed perspective.

– Sumaya Ismail

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