The ability to visualise and imagine the future is strongly influenced by your thoughts of the past. In other words, we often tend to use memories of our past experiences to predict what our life will be like in the future.


How our past can hold us back


We envision the future to help us make plans and set goals. Our beliefs about what can happen to us, help us to plan for any obstacles and challenges that may confront us. Studies suggest that people who think that they will fail, most often do. However, those that think they can overcome challenges and prepare for failure are the ones that often succeed.


Traumatic events and negative experiences not only affect our present but can also change how we see our future and how we plan. When we hold onto unhealthy thoughts and emotions rather than letting them go, we find ourselves feeling uncomfortable, unsure and insecure.


We often store our memories, thoughts, and emotions in the cells of our bodies. When a current event resonates with a past situation, we instantly have flashbacks. These specific stored memories, thoughts, and emotions are then energised and can be taken forward into our future. Ultimately, we are constantly re-experiencing our past.


Letting go of the past


Unfortunately, we cannot rewrite history, but we can change how we feel about it. We can do this by taking  changing the emotional aspect out of the memories. This means making an emotional shift and finding a more positive and healthier perspective on past events.


Making a change through hypnotherapy


Hypnotherapy is one solution to help you let go of heal from the past. It can help you to identify certain traumatic events in your past that may influence your present and future. It can also harness your brain’s natural abilities to regulate the thoughts and how you feel about certain events. As a result, it can change your outlook on the future.


Shape your future


One of the best ways to make better decisions for your future is by learning from your past. You can choose not to be a victim of your past. With hypnotherapy, you can learn how to use past experiences to shape your future. If you’re interested in hypnotherapy as a treatment, contact our team. We will help you to make a healthy change for your future.