Being under lockdown has impacted all our lives. It has given us a time to reflect, learn, rest and for some of us binge-watch movies and tv and eat. With having our regular routines turned upside down, we were also forced to see sides of us that were very well hidden by being so busy.  For some it was realising how much they depend on human contact, others realising that they are shopaholics, some realising they have phobias around being isolated. For some, it was the realisation that we have some bad habits that need to change.

This lockdown created a unique situation where we were all forced to acknowledge those things that we were so effectively hiding from.

We as a human species have an amazing opportunity now to come out of this lockdown as better versions of ourselves that went into lockdown on the 27th of March.

Being a hypnotherapist and associated with the South African Institute for hypnotism, I have been approved to see clients and provide people with support and hypnotherapy services.

Please contact me to schedule an appointment. Rest assured that I am taking the necessary precautions to ensure your safety and mine.