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New Year’s Resolutions

As the years winds to its end there’s always a lot happening in everyone’s lives.  For most people, this includes thinking about plans for the new year.  It’s a time of reflection of the year that has passed.  From the plans that were made at the start of this year,...

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Stress Management

Every person experiences stress all the time.  Not all stress is bad.  Stress is actually our body’s natural alarm system that initiates our response system.  These responses are the 3Fs: Fight, Flight or Freeze. We are all mostly aware of the fight and flight...

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Quit Smoking

Smoking is an age-old problem that has plagued the human race for centuries.  However, in more recent times with the aid of scientific research and medical advancement, we now know of how damaging it is to our bodies and families alike. There are thousands of...

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Grief and Hypnosis

We all experience grief at some point in our lives, whether it is death, divorce, getting fired or a terminal illness. Everyone experiences it in their own way and in their own time. Many therapists and psychologists refer to the 5 stages of grief as laid out by...

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To understand what hypnotherapy is, you need to first dismiss and set aside all the stereotypes that exist. Hypnosis for therapy purposed is very different from the stuff we see in TV show and stage shows. There are no embarrassing activities like clucking like a...

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Energy Healing

Healing with energy is one of the most primitive forms of healing and yet it remains incredibly powerful. Everything that exists, be it man made or not has energy in it. The things that are natural and not manmade generally carries purer energy, energy at a higher...

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