Every person experiences stress all the time.  Not all stress is bad.  Stress is actually our body’s natural alarm system that initiates our response system.  These responses are the 3Fs: Fight, Flight or Freeze. We are all mostly aware of the fight and flight response, but there is the freeze, that moment and incident takes your breath away or you find yourself unable to move or do anything else.

With each of these responses, our bodies release certain chemicals and focus oxygen and blood flow to different parts to save us.  However, with modern day stresses we rarely need those responses to cope with the stresses we face as most of them do not affect our immediate survival.  Because these stresses are ongoing and our bodies and minds are negatively affected by the constant presence of these “panic chemicals”.

Most illnesses we suffer from today are either directly caused by stress or made worse by it. The common ones are hypertension, diabetes, insomnia, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, PTSD and the list goes on.  Medical and scientific research has also found that because stress slows the blood flow to certain parts of the body and increases it to others, the body’s ability to heal after injury is also affected.

As the need to regularly detox our bodies from physical external toxins that we come in contact with, it is also necessary to do a stress detox.  Basically, give our minds and bodies a break and a chance to relax and be stress-free.

Hypnotherapy offers a unique approach to dealing with stress.  Via the subconscious mind, we can reprogram the mind’s response to stress and finding a personally tailored solution in coping with stress on a daily bases.  Stress and tensions will always exist, it is just a part of existence in this modern world.  With reframing stress on a subconscious level and retraining our mind and body reaction to it, we can drastically shift the quality of our lives.