We all know how insults and criticism from others can hurt us. We can easily feel discouraged, depressed, and unworthy. So, if others can make us feel like that, why do we often criticise and talk badly about and to ourselves? 

Before we delve deeper into the importance of self-talk, let’s explore exactly what self-talk is. 

What is self-talk? 

Self-talk is an internal monologue or inner discourse of thoughts we have with ourselves while conscious. Usually, self-talk is connected to our sense of self. 

Why is positive self-talk important? 

The conversations we have with ourselves can have a big impact on our actions, our emotions, and our views of ourselves. Life is stressful as it is, and we are confronted with bad news and negative information daily. Positive self-talk can be an effective stress management tool and it can actually improve our general health and wellbeing too. When we love our body, thoughts, and personality, we also have more strength and energy to endure hardships. 

We all know how damaging bullying can be. So, if we constantly talk badly to and about ourselves, we will eventually feel its effects. Of course, we can’t always be positive and having bad days are perfectly normal, but we should focus on caring and nurturing self-talk rather than having a pessimistic inner dialogue.

How to have positive self-talk 

People who engage in negative self-talk may think that changing the way you speak to and about yourself is difficult. But, in fact, it is not. 

You can start by changing simply sentences you say to yourself. For example, you may say: “Nothing works the way it should.” Instead, say: “Everything is going to work out.” 

You can also acknowledge your negative emotions and try to motivate yourself with positive thoughts. For example, when you are feeling alone, you may think no one cares about you. But instead, you can think that it is a blessing to have some alone time you can use to do things you enjoy, such as painting, writing, or watching your favourite movies. 

Make the change to positive self-talk 

Changing your thoughts, feelings and inner dialogue to positive self-talk can feel somewhat overwhelming. And that is normal. However, you must work on it every day. The more you challenge your negative thoughts with positive self-talk, the easier it will become. 

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