There’s a general sense of dread and distress in the air. The current global pandemic has had and continues to have an enormous impact on society as we know it. Economic and social consequences of mass quarantining have ripples that transgress our personal lives. This unwelcome guest tends to linger, pervading thoughts and actions and perhaps even hindering sleep or disturbing the peace we once knew.

In South Africa, the situation is compounded by our existing socio-economic battles and public health insecurities. With the current National Lockdown still in place and no end in sight, everyone has had to readjust to the new normal. The emotional and mental impact of lockdowns–now commonplace globally–have been well-documented.

Mental health experts break down some of the psychological effects of the lockdown especially for those who have existing issues with anxiety. On one hand, there’s the constant pandemic news cycle that compounds our fear of contracting the virus at every turn; on the other hand, there’s the looming distress of an unknown future.

For many people who rely on social contact and ritualise venturing outdoors for exercise or simply the fresh air and scenery, this sudden limitation to freedom has a heavy impact. If you live alone, you may be experiencing tremendous difficulties associated with isolation from friends and family.

Ways to cope with the stress, anxiety and feelings of isolation during the lockdown:

Take a break from the news

Try not to check your news apps and your social media accounts first thing in the morning. It’s important to start your day on a positive note. This will impact your productivity and your overall mood for the rest of the day. Staying updated doesn’t mean that you’re engaged in a never-ending stream of bad news.

Self-care is more important than ever

Use this time spent indoors to focus on your health and wellbeing. Read that book you’ve been too busy to, take an online class, work on your healthy eating habits, or simply start journaling your ideas.

Stay in touch with your loved ones

It’s easy to get stuck in a mental rut when our daily routines have shifted this dramatically. We no longer have the opportunity to meet up with our friends and families or speak to our colleagues face-to-face. Communication is still incredibly important and you’re bound to feel a lot less alone if you’re reaching out to those close to you on a daily basis.

One thing has become abundantly clear: People are rallying to help one another in these difficult times because that general sense of uncertainty is felt unanimously. So if we’ve learnt anything from this difficult period, it’s that our sense of community and caring for one another will carry us through the finish line.

Mindfulness through energy healing and hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a unique method of dealing with stress. Together, we can reprogramme the mind’s response to stress and find a personal solution in coping with stress for a prolonged period.

Stress and tension will always exist, it’s just a part of existence in the modern world. With reframing stress on a subconscious level and retraining our mind and body’s reaction to it, we can drastically shift the quality of our lives.

If you’re interested in learning more about our healing therapies, contact Healing Elements and we can discuss a suitable consultation and therapy plan to address your needs.